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If you browse through the tabs below, you’ll find an explanation of who we are, what else we offer, where we are, why we picked irises and how we came to be doing this.  For other questions, consult our FAQs or contact us.

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    Our Story

    Casa Nova

    Casa Nova SRL is an Italian company owned by an English couple, Patricia Robertson and Dr Tom Henry (a Professor of Art History, whose specialism is what first brought us to this area).  In 2003 we bought a farmhouse and several hectares of long neglected land in the hills above the Niccone valley, in Northern Umbria.  Since then we have been gradually bringing it back into sustainable production as an “agriturismo” - a blend of agriculture and holiday rentals.  There are now two houses on the estate, each with their own pool and private gardens, which can be rented for holidays, separately or together.  They are surrounded by olive groves and orchards, run on organic principles, and guests can find fresh produce in the fruit and vegetable plots or (chickens permitting) fresh eggs in the chicken run.  In 2016 we established our specialist plant nursery on another part of the Casa Nova estate, realizing a long held dream. 

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