Catalogue: A Rainbow of Colour

The emphasis in our collection is on Tall Bearded Irises, including both historic types and modern selections, from England, France, the USA and Italy, many of them winners of prestigious prizes, such as the Dykes Medal or Fiorino d'oro (Golden Florin).  We have particularly sought out perfumed irises and those reputed to rebloom.  In addition to the Tall Bearded Irises, which typically exceed 70cm in height, we also have bearded irises in other sizes from Miniature Dwarf Bearded Irises, less than 20 cm tall, upward.  (Click here for a jargon buster and for advice on growing irises.)

You can place orders in our Online Store for delivery as bare root rhizomes when we lift and divide the irises. Our first deliveries will be made in August-Sept 2017.   At the moment, only a few of our irises are listed in the Online Store but we will be adding more in coming months, as we check that numbers will be sufficient.  To view  our collection of bearded irises and see the full range of what we will be offering once stocks permit, check out our photo albums: 2015; 2016.  Over time, we will be expanding our range to offer for sale a number of the other plants on view in our display garden: non-bearded irises, including Siberian irises, Japanese irises, species irises and water irises, and some perennials that make good companions for irises.

The big green button below takes you to the Online Store.  Once there, you can search for an iris by name, or browse the full listing name or size, or browse by one of the style categories.

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