A plant nursery in the heart of Umbria, specialising in bearded irises.  By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

To order irises, visit our online store here. For cut off dates for orders for delivery in 2023 see here.

Our display gardens will open in May of each year, showing well over 850 types of irises, alongside roses and peonies.  For further details, see here.

Irises are not the backdrop, the supporting cast - steady, reliable and always doing their bit for the collective in the garden. No. They are the aristocrats, the stars, the fashionistas of the garden, who blaze for their moment of sublime glory and then bow out.  So here is a red carpet, a catwalk of incomparable style and beauty, ranging from classical elegance to fairy tale princess to cyber-punk.


Then we had the irises, rising beautiful and cool on their tall stalks, like blown glass, like pastel water momentarily frozen in a splash, light blue, light mauve, and the darker ones, velvet and purple, black cat's ears in the sun, indigo shadow...

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale


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The iris beds

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A vase of our irises

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Casa Nova SRL is an agriturismo located in Umbria, Italy.  For more information about us, our location and details of the company’s registered office, see the “About” page.  You can also visit the main Casa Nova website for a wealth of information about Umbria, or our rental website for details of holiday rentals on the estate.