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There are lots of ways you can keep up with what’s happening at IrisUmbria.it...

Follow us on Twitter:

We are @IrisUmbriaIt on Twitter. Photos of flowers and chat about gardening! Plus details of when the garden will be open in May.

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We are IrisUmbria1 on Facebook. We’re always interested in swapping notes with other gardeners and iris enthusiasts.

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We are irisumbria on Instagram. That’s where we post our snaps when walking round the display garden and iris fields during the bloom season.

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We are casanovaumbria on the photo site, Flickr. You’ll find extensive high quality photo albums of our irises, the two rental properties at Casa Nova, and places you can visit nearby.

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Here’s where (when we have time!!) we post detailed illustrated articles about irises, the people who created them and how best to grow them. IrisUmbriaBlog.wordpress.com

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We are UmbrianEden on YouTube  Check out our channel for video clips of the Iris Display Garden and of our holiday rental houses.

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