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Here’s where you can browse through what’s currently available and place your orders for delivery of bareroot iris rhizomes next lifting season, which is in August-September of each year.  In general, we are only able to deliver within Italy and the European Union.  We will, however, continue to accept orders from the United Kingdom for 2020 delivery, on the basis that the applicable rules will not change until the end of 2020, when the transition period ends.  Thereafter we will need to review the position.  Full payment in Euro for irises that are to be delivered is required at the time of placing an order.  Moreover, as irises are sold as bare root plants your order can only be despatched after the next lifting season following the date of the order, i.e. in late Summer/Autumn of each year (see our terms and conditions for further information).  For delivery in 2020, we are accepting orders up until 16 September 2020, inclusive.  If you require a “Fattura” this must be indicated at the time of ordering, in accordance with Italian legal requirements.

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